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AthTek WebAPP Kit  v.2.2

AthTek WebAPP Kit is an advanced web authoring tool for software developers. It can convert C/S type PC programs to B/S type web applications directly. No web authoring experience is required such as HTML, ASP, PHP and JAVA.

WebAPP  v.995

WebAPP is a popular, open source Content Management System (cms) written in the Perl programming language. The name WebAPP is an abbreviation of Web Automated Perl Portal. Available under the GNU General Public License, WebAPP is free software.


WebAPP 1.0 SE  v.1.0

WebAPP is a popular, open source Content Management System (cms) written in the Perl programming language.

WebApp Generator  v.1.0

WebApp Generator is a JavaScript and PHP application generating your hit counter, guestbook, mailing list, formmail, forum, and many other web applications on the fly.

Webapp Generator from JPA annotations  v.b1.5beta

The main purpose of this project is to quickly generate the code of a J2EE web application for maintaining records specified by JPA annotated beans in order to add, update, search and delete entities in an AJAX UI based on the ZK-Simply Rich framewor

Checklist Provider Tool  v.1.3

A PHP webapp to upload taxonomic checklists as Excel or CSV files to be served as TDWG TCS XML/RDF.

MobDis - Create Mobile WebApps Easily  v.1.1

MobDis was created especially for designers and marketers to put together a mobile webapp as easily as putting together a presentation slide deck.

Sonork  v.

The Sonork client merges all messaging and information transfer functions with easy access to digital forms, internal web applications and work-group collaboration tools. and eLawManager  v.1.0

This is a crossplatform java suite, for workflow and data management of Law Firms.

Jmismo  v.1.0

Mismo 2.

Peruser knowledge application framewrk  v.b

Peruser is a open-source lightweight knowledge application framework.

PhpMedErr  v.0.1

Originally planned as a medication error reporting system, this space is being used to house projects that may of be of some value to those in the healthcare community.

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